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Thousand sandwiches and potion milk between 1 milli-meter.

A Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year! In the new year, we'll age one more age. We'll bless in our all things to many good things have gotten in this year, maybe.. A happy new year!


Dear my friend.I never feel joy, and I even never been lost my soul.My heart was broken completely at last.Today is coming.I've connected Web, long long ago.I'm forgotten my dear.She send me one of heart warm mail, when my heart enough to …


At 20:50 PM, earthquake happened. My family and me are safe. :-) PIZZA POTETO


KARAMUCHO Hey! What's up? Another long day? Just try our yummy-spicy KARAMUCHO, and say Hiiii!

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Designed with Canva, thanks. I study English very hard today. What to do ? :-) I write this article with computer and keyboard. I type keyboard by my fingers so wonderful technic... Oh, I tell a lie. :-) Featuring every day. Have a good da…

February Schedule

Hello. This article is next monthly schedule. Date Schedule 2021/02/04 CL 2021/02/14 St. Valentine Day 2021/02/16 Dental CL 2021/02/18 CL I maybe be given me chocolates. But also I must be going to Dental Clinic... Oh, no. I would like to …

A Happy New Year!

*~*+~*~* Anniversary News Letter *~*+*~* I age one more in this year. Good luck to your next journey! We'll have so many many happy things in this year! I'm glad to meet you, and I maybe feel good so in this year. Long long ago, I think so…